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  1. Henan Xingyuan Power Equipment Co., Ltd focus on research, manufacture and sales of high and low voltage transformer such as S11/S13 energy saving transformer, SCB/SDB dry type transformer, box type transformer, etc. wattmeter, solar panel and other accessories. These products are widely used for high buildings, commercial center, subway, airport, station, industrial mining enterprise and power plant, especially suitable for inflammable, explosive, etc. fire protection site. Our company land area is 20000m2, capital is USD3million and project investment is USD20 million. Our products already work in more than 50 countries, especially in southeast Asia, the middle east, Africa and South America. Our company already gets 6 patent on our products based on concept of energy saving, green and environment-friendly. Annual production capacity is around 8000 units and turnover is USD15million. Our company already gets ISO9001, CE, and all products are in accordance with ANSI , IEC standards. Our service covers pre-sales, sales and after sales. In the beginning, we will discuss with our client about details of requirements and give our advice and confirm everything before give offer in case any mistakes for saving time of clients. During production, our team will give production report to our client actively to let client know instant situation of the whole production. Also, our QC team follows up the whole procedures to guarantee quality and save time for final inspection and acceptance of products. For after sales, we provide service of installation and commissioning if required from client, and once receiving problems from client, our team will help to solve problem within 48 hours.low price solar panel for house website:
  2. Our tenet is quality first, Strive to create the best value for customers! ABOUT ZHparts --- Wenzhou Zhonghang Auto Parts Co.,Ltd. is operated family business that has been operating strongly since 2005 ---Formerly under the name of Wenzhou JINXIN Auto Parts Shop(Which is opening in Wenzhou Auto Parts Market and still running now). ZHparts is wholly dedicated to serving the automotive Parts Industry,Special for Chinese Cars,We have 2 business line,One is for Chinese Passanger Cars(SUV),like Geely Parts,EMGRAND Parts,Chery QQ Parts, Chery Tiggo Parts,JAC Parts,Brilliance Parts,Lifan Parts,BYD Parts,ZOTYE parts,Greatwall Parts, Changan Parts,Martui Parts,BAIC Parts etc,Another is for Chinese Minitruck and Mini bus,like DFSK parts,HAFEI KINGNEW KING PARTS,Wuling Parts,Lifan Parts,Jinbei Parts,CHANA Parts,Gonow Parts etc. Wenzhou Zhonghang Auto Parts has a full range of Genuine, OEM and Aftermarket parts to service these industries.ZHparts is dedicated to providing the highest levels of customer satisfaction with highly trained staff, quality products and reliable service, call us today on +86 152 0577 0155 Exhaust & EmissionSuspension Clutch & Transmission Brakes Filters & Belts Starter & Alternator Electric and AccessoriesSensor and Switch Cooling System Steering System CV Shafts/Joints & Axle Components Automobile Cleaner and Care items Battery Water Pump,Fuel Pump and Oil Pump Car Door Front Bumper&Rear Bumper And GrilleHead Lamp,Tail Lamp&Fog Lamp,Licence Lamp,Turning Lamp All Rest Automobile parts and accessories Mission"Foremost in providing, exceptional service, quality products and unparalleled customer support to the automotive parts supply industry ''Vision" To be the Instinctive Choice in automotive parts ''Values " We persist with loyalty, honesty and integrity, so that all relationships and transactions are experienced at the highest level". Weclome Visit ZHparts! One Stop Wholesaler For Chinese Car PartsZHparts Is Your Best Partner In China.Auto Engine suppliers website:
  3. Manufacturer sales Ganodorma Lucidum extract Ganodorma Lucidum Extract SupplierShaanxi Longfu Biochemical CO.,LTD. Latin NameGanoderma lucidum (Leyss.: Fr.) Karst.Appearancedeep brown powder Part of UsedWhole HerbActive Ingredient4%Triterpenes 10%polysaccharides ExtractionTypeSolvent ExtractionSpecification4%Triterpenes 10%polysaccharides GradePharmaceutical&FoodTest MethodHPLC StorageStore in cool & dry place. Keep away from strong light and heat Package1kg/bag&25kg/drum&customization Shelf lifeTwo years under well storage situation China is the hometown of Ganoderma lucidum. In the ancient time Ganoderma lucidum was regarded as the elixir, it has the high value for treatment and nutrition. In the first Chinese pharmaceutical works, it was said that Ganoderma lucidum tastes bitter but has many mysterious effects, it act as a rare invigorant to build up body, improve organs functions to prevent diseases andprolong life. 1. Reishi mushroom is used as a tonic and a sedative. 2.It is useful in chronic fatigue syndrome, diabetes, liver disorders, hypertension, arthritis, 3. It has a strong antihistamine action that can help control allergies. 4. Reishi mushroom can also lower cholesterol, prevent blood clots, 5. It can resit aging, rheumatism and allergic, adjust endocrine. WeightGross WeightSizeCBMPacked Details 25kg/drum28kg35*35*1325px0.06 m³Packed in a cardboard-drum with two plastic-bags inside 10kg/drum13kg30*40*1275px0.03 m³Packed in a cardboard-drum with two plastic-bags inside 5kg/bag6.4kg27*750px /Packed in an aluminum foil bag; Outer:paper carton; Inner: double-layer PE 1kg/bag1.2kg20*625px /Packed in an aluminum foil bag; Outer:paper carton; Inner: double-layer PE We can also packing as your requirement any port available Urgently order/lightly weight Choose Express Delivery(DHL/UPS/FEDEX/TNT/EMS) Delivery time: 3-5 working days after your payment Heavy weight Choose Air or Sea Shipping Product Name Test Method Link Tribulus Terrestris Extract UV Tribulus Terrestris Extract Saponins 20%~98% Gentian Root Extract HPLC Gentian Extract Gentiopicrin3%~5% Black Cohosh Extract HPLC Black Cohosh Extract Triterpenoidal Saponins 2.5% Artichoke Extract UV Artichoke Extract Cynarin2.5%,5% Cocoa Extract HPLC Cocoa Extract Theobromine 10%,20% Dan-shen Extract HPLC Dan-shen Extract Salvianolic Acid B&Tanshinone II A Siberian Ginseng Extract HPLC Siberian Ginseng Extract Eleutherosides 0.8%,1.2% Magnoliae Officinalis Extract HPLC Magnolia Officinalis Extract Magnolol&Honokiol Fucus Extract UV Fucus Extract Iodine 0.1% Horsetail Extract UV Horsetail Extract Organic Silicon 7% Milk Thistle Extract UV Milk Thistle Extract Silymarin 80% Ginger Root Extract HPLC Ginger Extract Gingerols 5% White Willow Bark Extract HPLC White Willow Bark Extract Salicin 15%~98% Green Tea Extract UV Boswellia Serrata Extract Boswellic Acid 65%,90% Saw Palmetto Extract GC Saw Palmetto Extract Fatty Acid 25%,45% White Kidney Bean Extract HPLC White Kidney Bean Extract Phaseolin 1%,2% Matcha Green Tea Powder Ceremonial Grade,Drink Grade,Food Grade Spirulina Powder Spirulina Powder Pharmaceutical &Food&Cosmetic Grade If you're looking for the best champignon ganoderme lucidumextract polysaccharides,reishi mushroom supplement, welcome to wholesale the quality and hot sale factory supply products with our professional herbal products manufacturers. We will offer you the best service and fast delivery.Factory supply Herbs For Cancer website:
  4. Shaanxi Hi-Tech Business Co., Ltd. is a new established private limited liability company, which focus on the import & export trade business. The company was incorporated in end of Jul. 2016. Company's registered office and business address in Middle Binjiang Road (the first floor of Hanzhong CFDA Bureau), Hantai district, Hanzhong city, Shaanxi Province. Our planning is mainly domestic and international trade business for Raw Materials, Biology and Plant Extracts, Pharmaceutical and Chemical Raw Materials, Intermediates, etc.; also diversified into domestic and foreign trade business of Food, Agriculture, Forestry and Water resources, Animal Husbandry, and Local Products; Self-support and Agent for all kinds of goods and technology Import and Export operations (except State’s limit and prohibition business), as well as Consultation, Agent and Service for domestic and international trade businesses. We will make full use of the foreign trade advantages and market connections of our shareholder, make full use of local products and market resources in Hanzhong area, based on the domestic market, develop global markets such as Europe, America, Asia Pacific, Australia and New Zealand, do domestic and foreign trade business; Play the first top advantages in local foreign trade of our shareholder, act well as role of mentoring, assisting and leading, contribute to local and national economic development. We sincerely look forward to working with customers at domestic and abroad, seeking win-win and mutual development.17-beta-(Acetyloxy)estra-4,9,11-trien-3-one website:
  5. Monoammonium Phosphate MAP is white or colorless crystalline fertilizer, using PA 85%(Hot process) and liquid Ammonia as raw materials to produce MAP Monoammonium Phosphate MAP is fully soluble in water, easy absorbing, high efficiency, free of Cl & Hormones. It is suitable for all crops, contains high concentration of both phosphorus and nitrogen and for foliar spray, drip, and sprinkler irrigation systems 1. Product introduction of Monoammonium Phosphate MAP It is essential for seed germination and root development, at flowering and seed formation. Monoammonium Phosphate MAP boosts rooting and improves flowering. 2. Product Specification of Monoammonium Phosphate MAP Water Soluble: 100%; White / Colorless Crystal; No Hormone, No Chloride; Main Content (NH4H2PO4) ≥98% Phosphorus Pentoxide(P2O5) ≥60.8% Nitrogen(N) ≥11.8% PH: 4.4 - 4.8 Water Insoluble Matter ≤0.1% Moisture ≤0.2% 3. Production Details of Monoammonium Phosphate MAP Monoammonium Phosphate MAP increases tillering in grain crops and increases yield and quality and enhances the ability of drought, cold, disease and flood resistance. 4. FAQ Q: How about your payment term? A: 100%TT(30%TT in advance, the balance paid against the copy of B/L) Q: Can I get some samples? A: Yes, we are glad to offer you samples to test. buy NPK Fertilizer website:
  6. Best Stainless Steel Underwater Pool Fountain Lights Projector Lamp GLF-PL Stainless steel underwater pool lights projector lamp GLF-PL Product Description Military grade quality deep underwater Light from 0-300 meters depth. Mainly used for deep water lighting, pool bottom lighting, underbridge lighting etc. Product parameters ItemValue Power10W, 20W, 30W, 50W and 100W LED ChipsetBridgelux Light Outer Size95 x 146mm Luminous Flux800-900(LM-10W) 1100-1400(LM-20W) 2700-3300(LM-30W) 4500-5300(LM-50W) 9500-11000(LM-100W) Color Temperature5500-6500k Type of LuminescenceSpotlight about 75掳 Voltage12-36V Compression ResistanceUp to 30MPA Housing Material304 Stainless Steel Features: Stainless steel housing for high anti-compression in deep water, Working normally in up to 300 meters depth water environment, With military grade watertightness cable attched. There are Warm White, Pure White, Red, Blue, Yellow, Green color as option Our Certifications Packaging & Shipping Packaging: Packing with carton or veneer case. Shipping: Any port of China or by International express. Company Information Shaanxi Granfoo Industrial Co., Ltd. is a company committed to developing, manufacturing, sales, and service of industrial special underwater camera. We insist on providing high quality products and to customers. The company has a group of young technical staff and high-quality talents, also cooperate with series university and research institutions, and the products with complete intellectual property rights. Our product can work in high pressure, high temperature, high speed, wireless video transport, and other special underwater environment, and be wildly used in the fields of petroleum, military, science research, fishery, underwater sports, and rescue. Exported to Chile, UAE, France, British and America and other countries, have rich experience in the underwater camera international business. Successful Case Production Line Welcome to buy the best quality and cheap stainless steel underwater pool lights projector lamp glf-pl for sale from Granfoo Industrial. As one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of various underwater products, we will offer you reasonable price and excellent pool led lights website:
  7. Our History We are a leading designer and manufacturer of high-tech water heating system. We are proud to be the pioneer in inventing the ground-breaking Porcelain–Energy Technology. Our diverse products range from instant heat faucet to tankless water heater for basin and shower. Porcelain heating system is one-of-a-kind, it generates heat over 1,200 degrees Celsius and raises water temperature instantaneously to provide hot water on demand. We design and manufacture the world’s smallest heater by using Porcelain–Energy Technology. We provide a wide range of hot water supply solutions to serve your needs. The Porcelain-Energy Technology is re-engineering the conventional "Centralize Hot Water Feeding Method." Customers can continue enjoy high quality hot/warm water supply with our high energy efficient solutions. Our point-of-use hot water supply system can significantly help customers to save energy and to prevent water and energy wastage from inefficient hot water supply systems. Our Product Kukel International Group Ltd is specialize in designing, manufacturing and selling environmental protection, energy saving, low carbon emission series of electric heating products – instantaneous heat faucet and instantaneous hot shower. Product Application Our products are applicable to residential projects such as apartments and houses, commercial projects such as shopping malls, hospitals, schools, commercial buildings and hotels. Our service Q1. What are the products? A:i) KUKEL ECO Porcelain Energy single-phase electric Instant Heat Faucet world’s first single phase instant heating faucet. It only requires a cold-water supply outlet and an electric outlet which suitable for kitchen and bathroom. Model KUL23-01, KUL23-02, KUL23-02C, KUL23-08, KUL23-08C (with outlet 2.8kw and without plugs 4.0kw) ii) KUKEL ECO Porcelain Energy single-phase electric Instant Water Heater. It only requires one cold water supply outlet and single-phase power supply (up to 8500W) (recommended only for short-distance hot water connection). Model KUL59-812, KUL59-813 and electronic thermostatic KUL59-818, KUL59-828. iii) KUKEL ECO Porcelain Energy single-phase electric Instant Basin Mini Water Heater is also the world first water heater that size like a 500ml water bottle. It works by simply connecting the cold-water pipe, plug in the electric plugs, the outlet of hot & cold water connection connects to the own existing ordinary hot & cold connector of the faucet (suitable for the kitchen and bathroom), Model: KUL59-903 (with plugs 2.8kw and without plugs 4.0kw). Q2. KUKEL product uses single-phase power supply, or three-phase? A: Most of KUKEL product use single phase power supply 220V, suitable for general household in Asia and Europe. Our company's products range from 2800W - 8500W, the power of the model depends on the electricity supply of the residential or commercial building. Q3. The water flow of Kukel products seems relatively low compared to gas water heaters, how can I increase the water flow? A: Being energy saving and eco-friendly are the premises of Kukel products. Kukel’s product uses only single-phase power supply and can reduce water and power consumption whilst maintaining the water intensity in the shower at a moderate level and we do not encourage customer to increase the water flow. Q4. The maintenance and warranty period? A: i) Under normal circumstance, if our products do not function properly within one month of purchase, and the appearance of the product without any serious physical or damage, KUKEL will replace the product free of charge. ii) KUKEL provide one year warranty. Kukel had spent years in research and product development and obtained various patents for its unique technology. Our patent porcelain heating technology successfully enhances water heating that reaches world-class level. We are much more secure and reliable than traditional technology. Unique products such as heat faucet and hot shower system are incomparable by other substitutes. Faucet/Water heater patent: U.S. Pat. Pending No. 121766116 // 12984892 D.E. Pat.Pending No. 20 2011 100 751.4 E.U. Pat.Pending No. 10251034.4 AUS Pat. Pending No. 2010201462 // 2011201940 // 2011100539 T.W. Pat. Pending No. 099107172 // No. 099107173 H.K. Pat. Pending No. 10110107.7 // 10109178.3 A.R. Pat. Pending No. AR2010/0104158 // AR2010010441 PAN Pat. Pending No. 89080-01 GCC Pat. pending No. GC2010-17087 // GC2010-17186 PCT Pat. Pending No. PCT/CN2010/078229 // PCT/CN2010/076901 // PCT/CN2010/080106 C.N. Pat. Pending No. 200910193780.5 / 200910194269.7 / 200820111320.4 / 20072003420.0 / 20082000935.X China instant hot kitchen faucet website:
  8. Specification: 1.Outside 2.Wall Thickness:9-45mm 3.Materail:alloy steel 4.Usage: water well drilling,mining,oil drilling,building,machinery,traffic 5. Method:cold drawn,hot rolled or hot expand 6.Long service life 7.High quality and best price Standard: 1.ASTM A106 GR B,ASTM A53. GR B,ASTM A178 GR C,ASTM A1045 ,A210C,J55 2.SAE1020.SAE1045 3.JIS G4051 S20C,JIS G4051 S45C,JIS G3454 STPR370,JIS 3454 STPG42 4.DIN ST 45-8,DIN ST 42-2,ST 45-4 .ST52.4 Use: DTH bits DTH hammer,DTH drill rods ODEX,SYMMTRIX hammer drilling tools inculding thread button bit ,coupling,taper rods and bits,shank adpter and etc. 2.DTH drilling tools including air DTH hammer,DTH bits with COP,DHD,QL MACH,MISSION,SD,XL shank. Outer Diameter Wall Thickness(mm) Thread Pin/Box Length(m) (inch)(mm) 3 76 6~8.5API 2 3/8" reg 1-9 3.5 89 6.5~8.5API 2 3/8" reg 1-9 4 102 6.5~8.5API 3 1/2" reg 1-11 4.5 114 8.5~10API 3 1/2" reg 1-11 5 127 8.5~10API 3 1/2" reg 1-11 6 152 8.5~10API 4 1/2" reg 1-6 7 178 10~12.7API 4 1/2" reg 1-6 best Atlas Copco drill pipe website:
  9. Introduction Tomato paste with various kinds of taste Product Introduction Switch to mature tomatoes and add more tomato flesh after tomato sauce also won the flavor. By adding more vinegar it also gets sour and spicy. Product Specifications Specifications Product Type:Sauce Type:Ketchup Form:Pasty Taste:Sour and Sweet Color:Red, Bright red Packaging:Bottled/glass jar Certification:FDA, HACCP, ISO, KOSHER, QS, HALAL Primary Ingredient:Tomato Additives:water and salt Weight (kg):1 kg Shelf Life:two years Place of Origin:Xinjiang, China (Mainland) Brand Name:OEM,Buyer's Brand Raw materials:fresh ripe tomatoes A/B:≥2 Processing Type:Cold Break Bostwick:≤125px/s PH:4.0-4.4 Minimum order:Two container Preservatives:No Purity (%):80% Concentration:According to customer Packaging & Delivery Product details Company Profile Certificate Payment courier service Filing details Contact usCustomized tomato paste in glass jars website:
  10. Yuanfang Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is located in Jiangyin City, Jiangsu Province, China. It is founded in 2006, covering an area of about 40,000 m2 with a gross investment of 120 million RMB. Yuanfang Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is an enterprise majoring in designing, manufacturing and selling large metallurgical, environment friendly and non-standard equipments. It is also a professional manufacturer in finishing and grinding series equipments applied on the subsequent processes after steel producing. The company passed the ISO9001 international quality certification in 2007. In 2009, it was identified as the “High and New Tech Enterprise in Jiangsu Province”. In the year of 2010, it passed the ISO14001 Environmental Management System Certification. The company has the characteristic series equipments of finishing, flaw detection, grinding, stacking and packing, etc. applied on the subsequent processes after steel producing and has the history of many years’ research and development as well as the determination of making it fine and stronger. It firstly established the Jiangsu Province Metallurgy and Steel Rolling Subsequent Equipments Engineering and Technological Research Center in 2009 which provided a better platform for the research and development of the product and then the product technological innovation ability has been increased. Until now, the company has got more than 30 national patents in various types, in which, there have 12 national inventive patents and the hydraulic pressure slide-type square billet grinding machine and slab grinding machine, etc. have been identified as Jiangsu Province High and New Technology Products. The company has established a long-term cooperation relationship with the steel mills like the Baosteel, XingCheng Special Steel Works Co., Ltd., Baotou Iron & Steel (Group) Co., Ltd., etc. In 2010, aiming at the background of energy reducing and conservation, the company established the Yuanfang Company Energy Saving Science and Technology Research Institution to vigorously develop and carry out the electricity saving engineering. Until now, it already has had many products like the KEIA-EZS- series power-supply system high-power comprehensive power saving equipment, screw expansion power machine, etc. The 25 years’ trials and hardships create the spirit of unity, hard-fighting, loyalty, vigor, defying difficulty and advancing bravely and also strengthen the pursuit to quality and credit of the people in Yuanfang company. We uphold the management idea of science and technology as the lead, survival on the quality and breakthrough by innovation and abide by the development concept of starting from the requirement of customer and ending at the satisfaction of customer. We will bring back a report to the support and trust friends in all walks of life at home and abroad with more superior product and service in the new journey.China Pinching machine manufacturers website: