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  1. Wellgreen Technology Co.,Ltd is located in the High-Tech Zone of Xi'an, which is the ancient city in the Northwest of China with the famous Terra-Cotta Warriors Army. We are the high-tech corporation with GMP and ISO9001:2008 specializing in the production and research of Progestin and its Intermediates, Nutritional Supplements for pharmaceutical, food and cosmetic industries (e.g. Medroxyprogesterone Acetate, Ulipristal Acetate, Coenzyme Q10, D-Biotin, Canthaxanthin etc. ). By strict standing with the current GMP and tight QC procedures, with our skilled personnel and special equipment, we are saving the cost during the production, making the manufacture more effective and also working out with the innovative pharmaceutical, food, and cosmetic products. “WELLGREEN” Center has a dedicated professional team tracking every step in our production. Up to now, our center has developed long-term cooperation with the professors and experts from Xi'an Jiaotong University and Zhejiang University, engaging to the research and development of the latest technology and new products. “WEELGRREN” Co. insists on such principles as: ●Top Quality ● Excellent Service ●Outstanding Technology Innovations ● Constant Development The motto of our big “wellgreen” team is “To be well in the green life and to become Your reliable partner.” We are extending our business to the whole world. Now our company has close partners such as Schering Co., Cardinal Co., GSK, Dr.Reddy etc. We sincerely welcome you to join us and create an even brighter future with us together. CAS:979-02-2 for cosmetic product website:
  2. Santech Applied Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer focusing on a broad range of non-ferrous metal products and other products. As a producer, we started our business in 2002 to produce various types of Tungsten, Molybdenum, Tantalum, Niobium and Titanium products applied to metallurgy, electronic, petroleum and chemical industries in our own plant mainly for our regular buyers in the USA and Europe. Thanks to the good craftsmanship of our team, as well as the top quality raw materials we select to use, our products serve a longer life time and show a better performance during application, and thus have set up a good reputation among buyers and users. In October 2008, we were certified by ISO9001:2000 for all our products. Therefore, our customers can expect more stable quality of our products and reliable delivery and service of our company. Currently, we can provide following products and services. Materials for Thin Film Deposition & Thermal spray. Materials for powder metallurgy & EB refinery. Materials for refractory metals, available in all mill shapes. Designing & fabricating tantalum corrosion-resistant equipment.Aluminum target metal production website:
  3. Brief Introduction of Concrete Roof Tile Making Machine SMY8-128 Concrete Roof Tile Making Machine SMY8-128 is a new and popular equipment in modern society for making cement and concrete roof tiles. Concrete Roof Tile Making Machine SMY8-128 adopts advaced technology like PLC hydraulic press,this roof tile making machine has better mechanism capacity and economic profit. Concrete Roof Tile Making Machine SMY8-128 is widely used in building and ancient architecture,etc. 1.Fast forming speed,high production. FourPost Type Tile Making Machine features PLC automic control, host machine interface and dependable performance. 2. After the mortar is mixing rolled,the concrete tiles fabricated features is perfect, various style,high density, high intensity and accurate size, so that the concrete roof tiles can meet the needs of different constructions.KQ125 concrete roof tiles are best among concrete products 3.Concrete Roof Tile Making Machine SMY8-128 can be used for muti usage.By changing roof tile moulds, the equipment can produce various styles of main roman rooftiles, double roman roof tiles,ridge tiles, edge tiles and ditch tiles. Also SMY8128 roof tile machine can produce different styles of high grade concrete roof tiles,floor tiles and paver bricks. Features of concrete roof tiles: Part 1:The parameter for concrete cement roof tiles: Normally size:424(L)*337mm(W) 9.1pcs/m2 Weight: 4kg/PC, Appliance grade: 0°90°, Proportion: 2.2 Water absorption rate ≤6 Folding strength 2000N Part 2: The feature of concrete roof tiles 1. Unique Waterproof Structure .The tiles which are formed by KQ125 roof tile machine can make the rain discharged more smoothly and faster,even if it is used in a horizontal roof,there will be no rain counterflow case. 2. The tiles produced by KQ125 roof tile machine with high strength,the pressure is about 1.25 million Newton,and the overall dimension is very accurate(425*337mm).9.1pcs are used per square meter.The rupture strength is more than 200 kilogram,so the constructor can totally walk on the paved roof. 3. Extra Intensity.Whether vertical paved or horizontal paved,construction is always convenient.It doesn't need to hang battens if on the common slope roof.The tiles can be cut conveniently by cutting machine at any angle. 4. Excellent Heat-Shielding Performance.The heat insulation and frost resistance of tiles are better than other tiles. 5. Extra Windand snow resistance.Because the tile is produced by high pressure,it's penetration resistance is very well.It is usually used in long-term rain and snow area. 6. Convenient Construction Working process of roof tile making machine production line: 1. Frist step,put cement and sand into the bucket elevator, then transport automaticlly into the rolling mixer,at the same time,you must add some water into the mixer to fully mix the raw material. 2. Second step,after mixing, the mixture concrete raw material are transported into the dosing feeder,then measurable mixture lay down the raw material into the roof tile press machine. 3. Third step,concrete tile can be formed by high pressure and hydraulic press,the pressure is about 125-130 tons. So the produced tile is very stable and strong. 4. Fourth step,the pressed tile needs to dry for about 10 days.Then you can paint the roof tiles. Main Technical Parameter of roof tile machine: Model SMY8-128 Overall Dimension 3100x1600x2480 mm Moulding Cycle 8-10 s/ 6-9pcs/min Moulding Pressure 125-130Ton Weight of Main machine 5T Equipped power 7.5 kw Mixer power 5.5KW Production Capacity 3000-4000 pcs/day Tile Size 420X330MM more or less Advantage of Concrete Roof Tile Making Machine SMY8-128: Part 1: 1. Faster molding, 2. Japan Technology,. 3. Higher productive capacity, 4. Superior Performance, 5. Connectivity and Reliability. Part 2: Speedy,large output, stable performance Variety, superior quality, accurate size Multi-functional,competitive price,service The highest productivity Fastest The best quality &service Part 3: You can also produce terrazzo floor tiles by only changing the whole mould.It can reduce your cost. This is our advanced technology which many company haven't. And we have produced this machine for more than 20 years,so we accumulate rich experience on production and maintainance.We can assure you that the quality is good. The Consist of roof tile machine: 1 roof tile making machine 1 set 2 Constant feeder machine/Quantitative feeder machine 1 set 3 Mixer for concrete roof tile 1 set 4 Elevator with bucket 1 set 5 Mould for concrete roof tile 1 set 6 Pallets for concrete roof tile 2000 pcs 7 Concrete roof tile painting machine 1 set 8 Air comprssor 1 set Product Description WeiXing Machinery is one of the most famous Concrete Roof Tile Making Machine SMY8-128 manufacturers and suppliers in China, welcome to wholesale cheap concrete tiled roof making machine, roof cement tiles press machine at low price from us and check the price with us.china roof tile machinery suppliers website:
  4. HANI STEEL group is devoted to the steel rolling mill machinery industry, we specialized in manufacturing high speed wire rod, re bar, rolling mill, high speed gear box, hard-faced gear box, we also provide complete design for your rolling mill workshop, not only turnkey project, but also tailor-made service, and we provide all the parts for roughing rolling mill, intermediate rolling mill process, including pinch roll, all kinds of shears, laying head, all of these crucial parts work extremely precisely and reliably. HANI STEEL is a well experienced enterprise; we have more than 20 year experiences in manufacturing rolling mill machinery, our core technology team is very experienced and they are all well-known in this industry in china, with high technology and best service, after decades of researching and developing in this industry, we gain really high reputation, and customer satisfaction. As an ISO 9001 certificated enterprise, we deeply know that quality is the soul of a company; we have a very strong and experienced quality control team, strictly control the whole manufacturing process of all rolling mill machinery. As the china steel industry is going down these years because of the environment policy from the center government, we still take a very big share in the existed domestic market, and of course the international market is developing very fast in these years, we have customers from the Mideast, Asia, India, Africa, and south America, etc, all around the world, our professional sales team is providing a high quality service to the customer all around the world. What we can provide: ◆ Completely rolling mill solutions including rolling passes design, production line setup, and workshop layout according to customer's requirements. ◆ Experienced skills of rolling mill and auxiliary equipment /spare parts used in the rolling mill production line. (Such as roller box, gearbox reduction, coil laying head, vertical and side loops, flying shears, pinch roll machine ,cooling bed , TMT systems etc.) ◆ Technical services and post-sale technical supports. Also can adjust the production line or develop and improve the capacity in the future. ◆ Professional engineers available for overseas installation and maintenance . Spare parts layout website:
  5. USB Port Language Laboratory Headphone Language Lab Headphone Features: 1)Headphones: a) Frequency Response: 125Hz ~ 8000 Hz, ± 17 dB (0dB = 20uPa The) (input power = 1mW); b) Electrical Impedance: 32Ù ± 20%; c) The characteristics of sound pressure level (sensitivity): the = 100dB/1mW (0dB = 20uPa). 2)Microphone: a) Frequency response :40-20000HZ b) Type: electrets microphone; c) Receiving voltage response: -47 ± 2 dB (0 dB = 1V/Pa); d) Directional type: two-way. Language Laboratory Headphone Detail Language Laboratory Headphone Packing 1). Packing Measurement MODEL ITEM QTY(PCS) G.W.(KGS) N.W.(KGS) MEA(CM) GD609 USB Headphone 40 9.00 7.80 56*48*35 2). Packing Details Payment & Delivery 1)Payment Terms: TT, L/C at sight. 2)Delivery Time: 10-15 days after getting the deposit Real Language Lab Headphone Case buy Language Lab Headphone website:
  6. Zibo Yinxuan Carbon Technology Co.,Ltd. (hereinafter as Zibo Yinxuan) is engaged in development, production, machining, application research and service of graphite products. Well-run systems for research and development, production, quality guarantee and service enable Zibo Yinxuan to provide the best solutions according to different customers' demands. To meet requirements of increasing customers and continuously improving market demand, Zibo Yinxuan invested and established two wholly-owned subsidiary companies: -----Zibo Icon Graphite Products Co.,Ltd. which engages in design, machining, special process treatment and application service of graphite products. ------ International Graphite Solutions Co.,Ltd., which is the overseas business service and commercial operation center for Zibo Yinxuan. Reliable Supplier With Integrity ● Zibo Yinxuan works for Customer's satisfaction and cost effective solutions for customers. Customers' trust stands the highest honor in our staff's mind. ● Experienced and specialized technical team is capable of proposing reasonable and professional suggestion for customers' choice of the most suitable materials and products, in order to avoid products function waste or insufficient, and finally reduce customers' purchasing cost. ● Well-trained production team could punctually and precisely finish production and packing exactly according to customers' requirement. ● All production conforms to ISO9001:2015 Quality Management System. It proceeds as raw material analysis, process supervising, final product inspection, perfect package assurance and close delivery tracking. Batch management and process quality control is strictly carried out throughout the production. ● Experienced business operation team ensures on-time delivery, to fulfill customers' plans. ● After-service team is highly efficient and greatly professional in solving any problem happening during application of our products. Proprietary Technology ● Anti-oxidation Treatment Technology. anti-oxidation technology retards consumption and extends service life of graphite products. ● Impermeability Technology Impermeability treatment of graphite products reduces porosity, increases strength and hardness, improves application effect and lengthens lifespan. ● Lubricity Treatment. Wax impregnation to graphite products to realize solid lubrication or self lubrication, improve lubricity and lengthen graphite products service life. ● Strengthening Treatment Strength, hardness, anti-abrasion and surface finishing properties could be strengthened according to customers' specific requirement, in order to improve application effect and increase lifespan. Working Team ● Zibo Yinxuan has experienced management team to directly supervise the graphite products production, machining, special process treatment, application, business operation and after-sales service, in order to guarantee best service for our customers. ● Our staff have good understanding and rich experience in graphite material property, production, design, machining and application. Philosophy is deep in Zibo Yinxuan people of being loyal to customer and serving customer. Customers Our stable, loyal and increasing customers are from China, US, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Turkey, Bulgaria, New Zealand, Australia, Japan, South Korea, India, Vietnam, South Africa etc. Turnover keeps increasing annually. Zibo Yinxuan has been approved by customers with good reputation in carbon industry. With development of the company, value-added products and service will be offered for global customers. Zibo Yinxuan is ready for cooperation with global customer for mutual benefit and win-win goal.Carbon Graphite Materials website:
  7. DX-15217 Set Of 2 Handmade Unique Black Glass Candlestick Holders Product Description INTRODUCTION DescriptionDX-15217 Set of 2 handmade unique Black Glass Candlestick holders BreifThe black glass candlestick holders made by hand, the black color and the wave design make it be an unique candle holder. The black glass candlesticks also can be used in church, but it used more in home decoration or party. Item No.DX-15217 Size Size A: T 9.5 *27CM Size B:T 9.5 *22CM Size C:T 9.5 *17CM ColorBlack Package6pcs in an inner box, 12 or 24pcs in a master carton. Brown box. Normal safe package. Product Show MOQ2400pcs (we also can accept small order if there have the stocks) Lead Time45daysCustomized Glass candlestick holders website:
  8. PRODUCT PICTUREModel No.TECHNICAL DETAILSAvailable Size DOBT002Pontoon Boat Tarp The Pontoon Boat Tarp is a trailerable cover. It's a heavy-duty tarp that keeps your boat in top condition. Its contoured design provides an excellent fit on most pontoon boats. The resistance to mold and mildew of this cover helps maintain its overall cleanliness and freshness. *Color: silver *Small: fits 17' - 20'L pontoon boats with beam widths to 102" *Medium: fits 21' - 24'L pontoon boats with beam widths to 102"High-quality Boat Tarps website:
  9. A leader in energy saving service industry, Tongxing Company was founded in 2000 and located in Zhengzhou, China. Tongxing is engeged in the fields of air conditioning product R&D, manufacture, sales, service and provide one-stop energy system solution to customs. Tongxing products include central air conditioning, central air conditioning terminals, water source heat pump and screw chiller, which have been exported to many countries and regions. In 2004. Tongxing has a number of technology patents and National Industrial Prosduction Permit, passed many certification such as ISO9001 international certification, ISO14001 environment system certification, CE certification, TUV certification, CRAA certification, CSC energy saving certification,etc. Tongxing has established marketing and service network in China, involved in thousands projects and well known reputation. Now, Tongxing is paying more and more attention on developing oversea market and open to cooperate with partners all over the Commercial Central Air Conditioning website:
  10. Graphene NMP Suspension 1、Type:SE4101 2、CHARACTERISTICS (1) Few layers graphene in suspension which can be applied as conductive agent of cathode materials. (2) Good stability and easy to mix batteries with active material. (3) After mixing with the active material, the resistivity of pole piece can be effectively reduced and the cycle performance of the battery be improved. 3、APPLICATIONS: Used in conductive agent of lithium batteries, anti-static coatings and other fields. 4、SPECIFICATIONS TYPEAppearanceSolid content /%Particle size /umThickness /nmImpurity metal content(Take Mn and Zn meters)/ppm Fraction of the iron ions(Take Fe meters ) /ppm D50D90 SE4101Black liquid4.0±0.1D50≤1.3D90≤2.5<10<5.0<20 5.HANDLING AND STORAGE Wear appropriate protective clothing and safety gloves to avoid direct contact with body. In case of contact, flush with a lot of water. Store in tightly-closed containers in a dry, cool and well-ventilated place with 3 months shelf life. Stay away from ignition sources, heat, oxidant and flammables. 6、 TRANSPORT Unrestricted goods. Avoid insolation, rain, leakage and labels off. Throwing is prohibited. Load and unload carefully to protect from damage. Stay away from ignition sources or heat. Can not be transported with corrosive materials. Comment: The specifications of the product can be customer made as required. graphene oxide powder website: